Auto Insurance 

While it's not fun to buy auto insurance, imagine life without it. We would be responsible for paying for damages out of our own pockets for things like: 

  • Medical Bills 
  • Legal Fees
  • Property Repair
  • Actual Repairs to your own car and/or others 

5 Auto Insurance Myths 

  • The color of your car determines your auto insurance cost. 
    The type of car you select is more likely to affect your insurance rather than the color. 
  • As you get older your auto insurance rates will increase. 
    You might be surprised to learn that mature drivers can actually qualify for a number of discounts on their insurance premiums. Many drivers over the age of 55 can qualify for reduced rates if they successfully complete an accident prevention course or defensive driver training. 
  • Credit score does not affect insurance rates. 
    Your credit-based insurance score is important in the evaluation of your insurance rates. An insurance score measures how well you manage your financial affairs, not your financial assets. 
  • Auto insurance covers you if your car is stolen, vandalized, or damaged by hail, falling tree limbs, flood or fire. 
    If you want to fully protect your vehicle from all types of damage, it is important to know that comprehensive and collision coverage are optional. 
  • The minimum amount of liability insurance as required by law, is enough.
    Almost every state requires drivers to purchase a minimum amount of auto liability coverage, but in most cases, the coverage is not adequate.