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Umbrella Insurance for your business

Umbrella Insurance for your business

Umbrella Insurance, it’s not just for your personal life, your business needs it too.

What is Umbrella Insurance? Also known as an excess liability policy, it extends the limits of a single underlying general liability, auto liability, employers’ liability, or liquor liability policy.

Many assume that an umbrella policy offers broader protection, which is not the case, an umbrella policy is there to provide extra protection to what you already have.

If it doesn’t offer boarder protection, why do you need it?

Let’s say that something catastrophic were to happen to your business, something far greater than you could have planned for. Your standard commercial insurance policy may reach it’s limit before you’re able to cover all loses sustained.
An umbrella policy is there to provide that extra layer of protection. It can give you access to higher limits of protection from risks, at an affordable rate.

For example, you carry $1 million in General Liability and due to an accident, that took place at your company you are required to pay our $2 million.  If you carried a $1 million Umbrella policy, it would cover what your General Liability policy didn’t.
Now let’s say you didn’t have an umbrella policy, you would be paying that additional $1 million out of pocket or selling off assets to cover the difference.

How do I decide if an Umbrella policy is right for me, how much do I choose?

There are multiple limits to choose from when it comes to an umbrella policy and we’re here to help make sure that you choose the right one for your business.
When you talk to one of our insurance agents they will be able to discuss your options and make sure you choose the proper coverage for your business.

We’re always just a phone call or email away!



Distracted Driving. It's just not worth it.

Distracted Driving. It's just not worth it.