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New Bling for Christmas? Protect it.

New Bling for Christmas? Protect it.

New Bling for Christmas? Protect it.

Maybe it was an engagement ring, maybe it was a well-deserved gift to yourself for making it through the holidays, no matter how you got that new bling make sure it’s covered.

How do you protect it? It’s pretty easy the first thing to do is give your homeowners agent a call and let them know the dollar amount so you can discuss how to best cover it under your policy.

Many people assume that their jewelry is automatically covered under their home owner’s policy. Truth is, that’s not always the case. Many policies will cover your personal jewelry up to a certain amount, which is great unless your new bling exceeds that covered amount.

Have you ever heard someone talk about “scheduling” their jewelry?

Many times, you’ll hear the phase “schedule their jewelry” but what does that mean? This means that they are going to insure their jewelry on their home owner’s policy by stating that the jewelry and the dollar amount separate from the policy limits. This means that it would not fall under the blanket amount of coverage your policy may have for jewelry. Many people choose this option when the value of their jewelry exceeds the blanket coverage limit.

An inland marine policy is another option to protect your new bling.

If this term sounds confusing, hang tight, we promise it’s actually a lot simpler than it sounds.

An inland marine policy covers a particular item or group of items wherever they go (unless otherwise stated by the policy). So, what does this mean for your bling? Typically, if you have your jewelry covered under an inland marine policy and you are traveling from Illinois to Florida and your ring is stolen, an inland marine policy should cover the total cost of your ring. You’ll want to talk with your agent about the specifics of your policy.

You’ve decided to insure your new bling (YAY!) but how else can you protect it?


1. Regularly Check your jewelry for wear and tear.

If your new bling is a permanent accessory it’s worth it to have it periodically check by a professional jeweler.


2. When you’re not wearing it, lock it up.

A highly secured bank vault of course is the safest but if your wearing your jewelry often just make sure when you take it off for the night or for the day you place it in a secured vault.

3. Get it fitted.

Most rings are lost due to slipping off fingers. It’s worth it to get it sized as soon as possible if you notice that it’s sliding around on your finger. There are even temporary ring adjusters if you’re holding off on getting it adjusted right away.


4. Opt to leave it at home.

If you’re traveling out of the country or even to certain high crime areas in the United States, your best bet may be to leave it at home in a secure place


5. Take off the bling.

If you’re headed to the beach, gardening, repairing plumbing, or working out at the gym, it may be best to leave the bling at home in a secure place.


6. Keep a record of it.

Even if you’ve got it covered under your homeowner’s policy, we always recommend keeping your own record; including pictures, receipts, certificates, and appraisals.

Tip: keep the records in multiple locations, Cloud storage system, fire proof vault, bank, etc.

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