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Beat the Heat.

Beat the Heat.

Summer is officially here and so is the heatwave.

If you're on the road this weekend our best tip we can give you is to keep cool and stay hydrated.

1. Keep cool.

Literally, make sure before you hop in your car to travel anywhere that your air conditioner is working properly. Getting stuck in traffic with no air during this heatwave could be a recipe for disaster.

2. Stay hydrated.

Make sure you bring plenty of water for not only yourself but for you car in case it overheats. 


Not planning on traveling? The same tips apply for those who are staying close to home during this heatwave. 

1. Hydrate.

Drink plenty of fluids to keep hydrated, even if you are not thirsty.

2. Dress accordingly.

Wear loose-fitting, lightweight, light-colored clothing to help you stay cool.

3. Slow down.

Don’t over exert yourself and try to avoid direct sunlight.

4. Check on others.

Check in on your neighbors, especially senior citizens. Bring pets indoors or make sure they have water and shade.

5. Watch for signs.

Watch for signs of heat-related illness: difficulty breathing, dizziness, or fainting, excessive sweating, headaches, confusion, nausea. If you suspect someone has had a heat-related illness, have them lie down in a cool place, give them sips of cool water and call for help. 

6. Cooling Centers

Know where your local cooling center is located. Click here to find out!

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