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Digital or Static Billboard, that's the question.

Digital or Static Billboard, that's the question.

So, you’re thinking of adding billboards to your marketing plan?

Digital or Static?

There are so many choices when it comes to advertising your business, one of them being billboards. Billboards seem to be everywhere and the more you pay attention the more you see them. You may have even noticed some of the billboards are no longer static, they’re digital.

So, how do you decide which is the better route for your business? It’s important to consider what you are wanting out of a billboard and then decide which one fits with your marketing campaign.

Are you wanting to change up your message frequently? Do you have just one message?


Digital Billboards Breakdown

Digital billboards are becoming more and more popular. Not just because companies that rent out billboards can take on more clients, but because of their dynamic nature. If you’re looking into starting a billboard campaign here are a few things to consider about digital billboards.        

Generally, a standard digital billboard will rotate an ad every 8 seconds over 64 seconds. Even though you are sharing the ad space with other businesses, the ads changing is actually more likely to draw the eye of people passing by.

  • You can easily change your billboard advertising. Instead of waiting a few weeks to have your ad printed and posted on a standard billboard, the changes can be made in only a few hours.

  • Advertise at peak times. For example, a restaurant can choose to run their ad only for a few hours during evening traffic to draw in customers.

  • Option for shorter campaigns at a lower budget. Since the turnover on digital billboards can happen almost immediately, you can choose to run your ad for a shorter amount of time. There are usually different price packages as well, so finding a plan that fits your budget may be easier with digital.

Static Billboards Breakdown

It might seem like digital billboards are the way to go, but traditional static billboards have their advantages as well. Here are a few situations where a static billboard might be the better option for your business.

  • If you want your advertisement on a billboard in the long term, traditional paper billboards are low-tech and in some cases less expensive than digital billboard space.

  •   Your advertisement is the only advertisement. People driving by won’t miss your ad because it rotated to something else like a digital billboard tends to do.

  • There is always the chance the systems for digital billboards can go down for extended periods. Static billboards don’t run that risk.

Recently Engaged? Now what?

Recently Engaged? Now what?

Beat the Heat.

Beat the Heat.