Pet Insurance

Here at Snyder Insurance, we know that every family member is important. That’s why we’re proud to offer insurance for your furry family members, too!

What does it cover?

Pet insurance covers illnesses and injuries to your furry friends. This includes treatments by veterinarians, ERs, and specialists. Our pet insurance even covers hereditary and congenital issues as long as they are not pre-existing conditions!

If your pet is sick or injured, you can receive treatment from any licensed veterinarian. You can be reimbursed up to 100% of the veterinary costs. You simply upload a copy of your bill from any device, tell us what happened, and get reimbursed electronically. It’s so easy, your pet could do it!

We can even help with reminders when your pet is due for shots and checkups. 

It's what your pet would do for you.

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Updated 8/10/2020